Auger Length Calculator for Efficient Grain Movement and Handling

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Auger Length Calculator

Auger Length Calculator

Recommended Auger Length: meters

An auger length calculator is an essential tool used in the agricultural industry to determine the optimal length of an auger for efficient grain movement and handling.

By taking into account specific factors such as grain height, the calculator assists in identifying the most suitable auger length, ensuring smooth and effective grain transfer.

Auger Length

Auger length refers to the distance or measurement of the auger, a mechanical device, typically used in agriculture, that consists of a rotating helical screw or blade (known as flighting) inside a tube.

The length of the auger is a critical factor in determining its reach and efficiency in moving grain or other granular materials.

In the context of a grain auger, the auger length is an important consideration based on the specific requirements of the operation.

The length is often tailored to match the distance between the source of the grain (such as a bin or truck) and the destination (such as a silo or storage facility).

Choosing the appropriate auger length ensures that the auger can effectively and safely transport the materials without unnecessary spillage or strain.

Auger length is one of the factors considered in designing and selecting the right equipment for various agricultural applications.

Grain Auger

A grain auger is a mechanical device used in agriculture to move grain or other granular materials from one location to another.

It typically consists of a long tube with a helical screw or blade, known as a flighting, running along its length. The flighting is responsible for moving the material along the tube.

Grain augers are commonly used on farms to transport grain from ground level (such as in a grain bin or truck) to an elevated location, like the top of a silo or storage facility.

They are also used to load and unload grain from trucks, bins, or other storage structures.

The design of a grain auger allows for efficient and controlled movement of bulk materials.

Different lengths and sizes of augers are available to suit various applications and the specific needs of agricultural operations.

These devices play a crucial role in streamlining the process of handling and transporting grains on the farm.

Auger Length Formula

The following two example problems outline the steps and information needed to calculate the Auger Length

AL =(E+1/2D)×1.4

Where AL is the Auger Length (ft)

E is the eve height of the bin (ft)

D is the bin diameter (ft)

To calculate auger length, add one-half the bin diameter to the eve height, then multiply by the result by 1.4.

How to Calculate Auger Length with Auger Length Calculator?

To calculate Auger Length using a Grain Auger Length calculator, follow these steps:

Get the Required Information

Measure or find out the Silo Eave Height (in meters) and the Silo Diameter (in meters). For example, let’s say Eave Height = 5 meters and Diameter = 6 meters.

Open a Calculator

Use a basic calculator or the calculator app on your computer or mobile device.

Use the Formula

Recall the formula for Auger Length (AL)

AL =(E+1/2D)×1.4

Insert Values into the Calculator

Enter the values into the calculator:

E (Eave Height) = 5

D (Silo Diameter) = 6

Perform the Calculation

Execute the calculation using the formula


Read the Result

The calculator will provide the result of the calculation, giving you the Auger Length (AL) in meters.

For this example, the result would be AL=11.2 meters.

Using a calculator makes it easy to quickly determine the Auger Length based on the provided formula and the measurements of the silo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an Auger Length Calculator?

An Auger Length Calculator is a tool designed to assist in determining the suitable length of a grain auger based on specific parameters such as eave height and bin diameter.

How does the Auger Length Calculator work?

The calculator typically uses a formula that involves adding half of the bin diameter to the eave height and then multiplying the result by a factor, providing an estimated recommended auger length.

Why is Auger Length important in agriculture?

Auger length is crucial in agricultural operations as it ensures that the grain auger effectively reaches the desired locations, such as silos or storage facilities, minimizing spillage and optimizing the efficiency of grain transportation.

What information is needed to use the Auger Length Calculator?

Users generally need to input the eave height and bin diameter into the calculator. These measurements are essential for accurately determining the recommended auger length.

What is the Standard Auger length?

For increased durability, the flights of our augers are overlapped and triple welded at the seams where they meet the tube, featuring drive sizes of 2-1/4”, 3”, 4”, and 5” hex, with a standard length of 10′; however, we offer the flexibility to accommodate custom lengths tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Can the Auger Length Calculator be used for different types of augers?

While the calculator is often designed for grain augers, the concept can be adapted for other types of augers used in various industries.

How accurate is the calculation provided by the Auger Length Calculator?

The accuracy of the calculation depends on the precision of the formula used and the input data. It’s always advisable to consult with experts for precise auger length requirements.

Can the Auger Length Calculator be used for both metric and imperial units?

Some calculators may support both metric and imperial units, allowing users to input measurements in either system.

Is the Auger Length Calculator applicable for all types of grain storage?

The calculator is generally applicable for various grain storage scenarios, but users should consider the specific requirements of their storage facilities for more accurate results.

How can I use the Auger Length Calculator effectively?

Users can input accurate measurements of eave height and bin diameter into the calculator, ensuring that the resulting auger length aligns with the practical needs of their agricultural setup.

Can the Auger Length Calculator be used for other materials besides grain?

While the calculator may be primarily designed for grain, the concept of determining the appropriate auger length based on specific parameters can be adapted for other granular materials in various industries.

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