Midface Ratio Calculator

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Midface Ratio Calculator

Midface Ratio Calculator


The Midface Ratio Calculator is an online tool that provides a convenient and efficient way to measure the proportion of the midface.

To calculate the midface ratio, users are required to input their specific facial measurements, typically measured in millimeters.

These measurements include the distance from the gnathion to the nasion and the distance from the nasion to the subnasale, which form the key components used in the midface ratio formula.

What Is the Midface Ratio?

The Midface ratio is an important measure used to figure out how the middle part of the face relates to the entire face.

It’s like a number that helps us understand if the different parts of the face are in balance and look good together.

People use this ratio a lot in plastic surgery and beauty to check how symmetrical and attractive someone’s face is.

By looking at the midface ratio, experts can get an idea of how well the features on your face work together to create a harmonious appearance.

Midface Ratio Formula.

Midface Ratio (MFAC) = Interpupillary Distance (ID) / Distance from Pupil Center to Top of Lip (DL)


  • MFAC is the Midface Ratio,
  • ID is the interpupillary distance (in inches),
  • DL is the distance from the pupil center to the top of the lip (in inches).

To calculate the Midface Ratio for a given individual, you measure their interpupillary distance and the distance from the center of one pupil to the top of the upper lip and then plug these values into the formula to obtain the ratio.

Components of the Midface

The midface includes different parts, one of which is the philtrum, located between the nostrils and the upper lip.

The average length of the philtrum is about 14-15 millimeters, and it tends to be longer in men than in women.

A long philtrum may give the impression of a longer face, which is often associated with mouth breathing.

However, the length of the philtrum is not the most important factor in attractiveness, and some individuals with longer philtrum, like Brad Pitt and Ian Somerhalder, can still look attractive.

The nose plays a more significant role in the appearance of the midface, as it is more prominent and can affect the overall facial balance.

A long nose can contribute to a longer face shape, particularly when combined with close-set eyes, which may be perceived as less attractive.

For instance, actor Adam Driver has a long nose, which contributes to his long face shape. When the nose is long and the eyes are close together, it can affect facial attractiveness negatively.

Ideal Midface Ratio

The ideal midface ratio typically refers to the proportions between different facial features in the middle portion of the face.

While there isn’t a universally agreed-upon ideal ratio, some common guidelines suggest that certain measurements should be balanced to achieve facial harmony and attractiveness.

This may include the relationship between the length of the nose, the width of the eyes, the height of the forehead, and the distance between the eyes and the mouth.

Achieving an ideal midface ratio often involves achieving balance and symmetry between these features to create a pleasing appearance.

The ideal midface ratio is around 1.1 or above. A ratio of 1 is okay, but anything less than 0.9 looks bad.

Sean O’Pry is an example of someone with an ideal midface ratio. His midface is compact and doesn’t have unnecessary length.

Facial thirds are another way to look at the midface, but they don’t consider the philtrum.

Most people don’t perfectly fit into facial thirds, especially men who often have larger lower thirds.

The length of the middle third of the face is a good indicator of midface length.

Even if the middle third is normal, a long philtrum can make the face appear longer, which is why the midface ratio is also used as a gauge of attractiveness.

How to Measure the Midface Ratio with Our Calculator?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to calculate the Midface Ratio using the provided Facial Golden Ratio Calculator are as follows.

Open the Calculator Page

Open the Midface Ratio Calculator.

Enter Interpupillary Distance (ID)

Locate the “Interpupillary Distance (in)” input field.
Enter the value for the interpupillary distance. For example, you can input 4.5.

Enter Distance to Top of Lip (DL)

Locate the “Distance to Top of Lip (in)” input field.
Enter the value for the distance from the pupil center to the top of the lip. For instance, you can input 5.

Click the Calculate Button

Find the “Calculate Midface Ratio” button.
Click the button.

View the Result

Look for the “Result” section.
The calculated Midface Ratio will be displayed. For example, if the Midface Ratio is 0.9, you will see “Midface Ratio: 0.9”.

Please Note

Ensure that you enter valid numerical values for both the Interpupillary Distance (ID) and the Distance to the Top of the Lip (DL).
The Midface Ratio is calculated automatically when you click the “Calculate Midface Ratio” button.

How to Calculate Face Ratio?

The face ratio, often used in beauty and fashion, compares the length of a person’s face to its width. To calculate the face ratio

Measure the Length

Measure the distance from the hairline (or the point where the hair starts) to the tip of the chin.

Measure the Width

Measure the distance across the widest part of the face, typically from one cheekbone to the other.

Calculate the Ratio

Divide the length by the width. Face Ratio=Length of Face/Width of Face

For example, if the length of the face is 8 inches, and the width is 6 inches, the face ratio would be 8/6=1.33.

So, the Face Ratio Score is 1.33

Keep in mind that the interpretation of face ratios can vary, and beauty standards are subjective. The calculation is often used for general proportions and not as a strict determinant of attractiveness.

Why Is Midface Ratio Important in Facial Proportions?

The Facial Golden Ratio to calculate Facial Proportion is 

Balance and Symmetry

The Midface Ratio is important in facial beauty because it helps measure how well the middle part of the face fits with the rest of the face. Here’s why it matters.

It checks if your eyes and the space between your eyes and upper lip are balanced on both sides of your face. A balanced look usually makes a face more attractive.

Making Faces Look Good

For plastic surgeons or beauty experts, the Midface Ratio is like a guide. It helps them figure out what changes might make your face look more balanced and natural.

Finding Problems

It’s like a tool that can spot if there’s anything not quite right with the middle part of your face. This can help in fixing any issues to make your face look better.

Numbers for Beauty

The Midface Ratio gives a number to show how well the middle part of your face fits with the rest. This number helps professionals work towards making faces look their best.

Following Beauty Standards

The ratio also matches what many people consider beautiful. So, by looking at this ratio, experts can aim to make your face meet these beauty standards.

In simple words, the Midface Ratio is like a tool that helps experts make sure the middle part of your face looks just right with the rest of it, making you look more attractive and balanced.


What is the Midface Ratio Calculator used for?

The Midface Ratio Calculator is used to measure the balance and proportion of the middle part of the face about the entire face. It helps assess facial aesthetics and symmetry.

How do I use the Midface Ratio Calculator?

Enter the Interpupillary Distance (ID) and Distance from the Pupil Center to the Top of the Lip (DL) in the provided input fields. Click the “Calculate Midface Ratio” button to get the result.

What is Interpupillary Distance (ID)?

Interpupillary Distance is the measurement between the pupils of the eyes. Enter this value in inches into the calculator.

What is the Distance from the Pupil Center to the Top of Lip (DL)?

DL is the distance from the center of one pupil to the top of the upper lip. Enter this value in inches into the calculator.

Why is the Midface Ratio important?

The Midface Ratio is crucial in evaluating facial proportions for symmetry and balance. It is commonly used in plastic surgery and aesthetics to enhance or restore facial features.

What is the Face Ratio Score?

A “face ratio score” is like looking at how parts of someone’s face fit together, maybe using the Golden Ratio(1.618) or checking if the width and height seem balanced, but everyone has different ideas about what makes a face look nice.

So, it’s just one way some people try to understand what they find attractive.

What does the calculated Midface Ratio represent?

The Midface Ratio is a numerical value that indicates how well the midface aligns with the overall facial structure. A balanced ratio is often associated with a more attractive appearance.

Can I use the Midface Ratio calculator for any units other than inches?

The provided Midface Ratio calculator is designed for inches. If your measurements are in a different unit, you may need to convert them to inches before using the calculator.

Is the Midface Ratio a standard for beauty?

The Midface Ratio is one of many factors considered in facial aesthetics. Beauty standards vary, and the ratio provides a quantitative measure to assess facial balance based on certain ideals.

What if I get an error or invalid result?

Ensure that you enter valid numerical values for both ID and DL. If you encounter errors, double-check your input and try again. The calculator will display an error message for invalid inputs.

Can I use the Midface Ratio Calculator for self-assessment?

Yes, you can use the Midface Ratio calculator for a basic self-assessment of facial proportions.

However, for personalized advice, especially in medical or aesthetic contexts, consulting with a professional is recommended.

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